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Zombie of the Month #1 -Zombie Free State (Click Here)


Zombie of the Month -Contains Mature Content


Zombie of the Month- Trade Paperback Volume 1-For Mature Readers: 98 pages

Zombie of the Month has been around since 2006, take a look into a world that has been adapted by many current zombie comics today. In a world where zombies have human-like attributes, follow Roy, an alcoholic zombie with a deep seeded hatred for authority. Join Roy and his morbidly obese human vegan friend Zack, in their quest to pay the rent through wacky adventures and mayhem . This 90+ page underground zombie-comedy trade includes the original ZOTM strip, Roy’s origin, Roy fights for his after life Parts 1 and 2, rare sketches, professional artists pin-ups and covers, the final story, and more randomness from 2005-2014. Cover by Jerry Gaylord, Charles Wilson III, and Jason Vaughn.Click Image for pricing!



SHP1buymeSuper Hockey Powers #1- All Ages: 22 pages An instructional hockey comic book created for the beginner hockey player looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Packed with professional tips from those who play(ed) and coach(ed) the game like Mitch Lamoureux, Dave Leggio, Mike Hoffman, Chris Kotsopoulos, and more… Cover by Jerry & Pennie Gaylord




Cover By Don Kunkel Interiors By Don Kunkel and Charles Wilson III


Sold Out- out of print 


Currently Only available at Comic Conventions (contact us for special orders)

Hardway Cover final small




Super Hockey Powers #2- Available on Amazon Kindle



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